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Moravian Athens

12. may 2011 at 21:36 | Ophelia |  Random
Zrovna zrovinka jsme měli psát esej do angličtiny na téma Moje město :) Neručím za kvalitu angličtiny...

The city where I was born is Moravská Třebová. It isn´t a big city, because Moravská Třebová has a population of about 11,000 people today.
The city is situated in eastern Bohemia. It is placed in the valley surrounded by hills and forests. There are many lakes around. And you can see many historical buildings in the centre of the town. Therefore people called Moravská Třebová Moravian Athens. The city was based in 13th century and it is famous for a lot of cultural monuments from 15th century. The renaissance castle, very beautiful monument, is situated in the central part of the city quite near the main circle. There is a big gothic church too.
In the town there isn´t any river but a small stream Třebůvka and smaller Udánský stream. But there is a beautiful nature and kind people- thats more important than the river, isn´t it?
And about nature and people. I love the local nature, I was grow up in the wood near Moravská Třebová and i know Udánský pond like my shoes. When I was child, there had been many farms with horses, but i don´t know, how it is now. I used to go there to help with take care about those animals. But I don´t like Moravská Třebová only because of its nature, I love it there because the people in this city are very kind and friendly, so I have there lot of friends. We spent a lot of great time together in our childhood. I wish to return and moved to this city, when i will be grown up.


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